Sunday, December 6, 2009

Back to the future: Fashion breaks cultural barriers.

There have been much controversy over the new fashion trend from the 80‘s ,“hammer pants.” I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the unoriginal style trends in fashion, and while that can be true, I believe that the new trend isn’t a blast from the past, but a leap into the future.

The new trousers trend is actually called harem pants. You know those pants that Jasmine wore in Aladdin, that same pants worn by belly dancers, they are the “it” pants of the season , pants worn by Bollywood stars… and it is rocking the runway both in Indian, and in western-fashion shows.

It’s about to be a new decade since the new millennium began, and it’s time we see a marriage between western and non-western dress styles. I am very proud to see the harem pants gaining such popularity in western culture, leading the way for other non-western styles to rock the runway in spring 2010. Kicking of a new decade of style---Where in the future, instead of looking to the past for trends, we simply look into the culture next door, or 3 doors down for inspiration. Creating the fashion hybrid that the world has been waiting for.

I spoke about my own frustration with fashion looking to past, and how Eurocentric fashion is, and has been for centuries. I spoke about my love for “Bollywood chic” and how I’ve been waiting to see it’s day come. But who would have thought their day would be here this soon. Hindi/ bollywood fashion is rapidly arriving. With fashion, who knows if it’s here to stay, but I do hope that seeing a cultural blend on the runway will be trend of the century; Bigger than 80’s hair, and as popular is denim.

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