Monday, November 30, 2009

Bollywood Chic

Its time is certainly drawing closer, but will Bollywood fashion finally make it on the runways, and in our closets this spring?

Bollywood movies are gaining rapidly increasing popularity world wide. It made it into the hearts of many Americans with the Oscar winner smash hit....Slum Dog millionaire. I have been watching Bollywood movies for about 3 years now, I can't stop desiring there style. The vibrant colors, dazzling embroidery, and to die for jewelry, should rock the runway this spring.

While I love the 80's, we have gone back to the tried and true 80's look far too many times, and it is high time we try something new; Something fresh, something a little less Eurocentric... Memoirs of a Geisha gave Japanese fashion an era in the spot light, and India's turn is far over due.

I see bits of Indian inspired fashion gracing the pages of Elle and Vogue, but when will we see a bollywood inspired collection? I'm waiting with baited breaths.

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